A compact X-ray emitting binary in likely association with 4FGL J0935.3+0901

The First Ultracompact Roche Lobe–Filling Hot Subdwarf Binary

ZTF J1901+5309: a 40.6-min orbital period eclipsing double white dwarf system

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DECam-GROWTH Search for the Faint and Distant Binary Neutron Star and Neutron Star-Black Hole Mergers in O3a

Optical follow-up of the neutron star--black hole mergers S200105ae and S200115j

LIGO and Virgo's third observing run revealed the first neutron star--black hole (NSBH) merger candidates in gravitational waves. These events are predicted to synthesize r-process elements1,2 creating optical/near-infrared `kilonova'emission. The …

Orbital Decay in a 20 Minute Orbital Period Detached Binary with a Hydrogen-poor Low-mass White Dwarf

GROWTH on S190425z: Searching Thousands of Square Degrees to Identify an Optical or Infrared Counterpart to a Binary Neutron Star Merger with the Zwicky Transient Facility and Palomar Gattini-IR

General relativistic orbital decay in a seven-minute-orbital-period eclipsing binary system